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John Bell is an author, diplomat, businessman and father.

Diplomatic career

John Bell represented his country at the highest political level negotiating with prime ministers and titans of industry. On behalf of Canadian companies, he sold a prefab town in Papua New Guinea, a light rapid transit system to Malaysia and canned Vancouver water to the sophisticated Swedes.


Behind the suits, swimming pools and state dinners was serious work. He served as Ambassador to Brazil, Ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, High Commissioner to Malaysia, Trade Commissioner to Australia with responsibility for Papua New Guinea, Fiji and was New Caledonia and Canada’s Chief Negotiator at the Rio Earth Summit.


The nomadic Wodaabe of Niger call him Chief Daoude of the Well of Eggo, and in Malaysia he’s the sole Canadian Diplomat to have the received Royal title of Datuk.



John has two Afro-Canadian sons, now in their thirties and successfully launched on careers in BC and London.


Unknown to him, he also had an daughter. She lives in England and discovered him in 2017. She is a journalist. 


With time to reflect John is writing this memoir – and (still) perfecting his golf swing.

As a director of Goldcorp, Tahoe Resources and Taiga Building Products he continued his travels.


He was Chief Federal Negotiator in the BC First Nations treaty process and is currently Cote d’Ivoire’s Honorary Consul in Vancouver.


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