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In “Around the World in Thirty Five Years… Scenes from a Diplomat’s Life” former ambassador John Bell takes us on a insider’s trip around the world, getting to the heart of Canada’s international trade and politics.

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Tempted by a recruiter to “see the world through a cocktail glass”, John takes us to the inner workings of international affairs, giving an inside view to the far-flung places and crazy characters he met and worked with over his 35-year career.

With military guards of honour, backroom-meetings with fixers, ransom notes and threats to his life, his job has revealed the absurdity and eccentricity of life.

Mixing with ministers and world business leaders, he tells of Canada’s trade dealings in South-east Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. He shows us the pomp, the bizarre and the sometimes-odd processes behind the deals and politics a of diplomat’s life.

And, as well as his successes he writes of his failures and faux pas with humility and humour.

This book is for anyone interested in people, travel and Canadian diplomatic history.

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